Monday, July 29, 2013

top ten list- "you know you are #handstand365 when....."

10. “I didn’t recognize you right side up” is the unilateral greeting you get from people now.

9. You wonder if any of your friends dread your daily handstand picture quite the way you do.

8. You hope that none of your friends dread your daily handstand picture quite the way you do.

7. You remind yourself that this began as an effort to bring playfulness and joy into each day.

6. You no longer get dressed without considering what will happen when you go upside down.

5. You can’t remember the last time you wore a skirt or dress without bike shorts underneath.

4. You never leave home without your camera.

3. People that you don't even know tell you all the ways your handstands can be better.

2. You find yourself wondering if you really did, in fact, lack playfulness and joy prior to hand standing every day.

1. You actually don’t want to do a handstand today.
*as with any top ten list, this is in the spirit of fun and jest :)




  1. Haha- Way to keep up! You are very inspiring in your commitment. Sat Naam.

  2. YES to all 10!! Thank you for reminding me of the "FUN" part....I am having a good time and I am improving a little in my handstands